Kalafina’s Performance at Club Nokia – Concert Report

It also didn’t help that the Club Nokia’s lighting effects were flat-out stupid at times, especially during “Kyrie,” where the strobes were on at full blast. Anyone who is seizure-prone probably couldn’t have been too happy at that display. Lastly, the Club Nokia stage itself was hardly a pleasure to look at since it lay completely bare aside from the trio; I was puzzled why they didn’t bring in a fog machine or something because that alone would have done wonders to help amplify the mystical aura, making for a better presentation overall.

Granted, none of these issues should detract from the fact that, musically, the Kalafina concert was a success and that comparatively, this was my second favorite musical performance at Anime Expo. Even if the choreography was a bit of an eyesore, I can still close my eyes and allow their vocals to sweep me off my feet, allowing me to feel not only the painful and the sorrowful emotions that ripple forth in most of their music, but also the boundless hope for that brighter future.

Setlist »

Setlist: 01. Overture 02. Lacrimosa 03. Kagayaku Sorano Shijimaniwa 04. Storia 05. Fairytale 06. Oblivious 07. Magia 08. Sprinter 09. Kyrie 10. Ongaku 11. I have a dream 12. Hikari no Senritsu

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[Photo Credit: Kaori Suzuki at Sony Music Entertainment Japan]

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