Little Busters OP/ED Single – Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~ – Review

Album Title: Little Busters!/Alicemagic ~TV animation ver.~
Anime Title: Little Busters!
Artist: Jun Maeda, Shinji Orito, Mintjam, Rita
Catalog Number: KSLA-0088
Release Type: OP/ED Single
Release Date: October 31, 2012
Purchase at: CDJapan, Play-Asia

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The Music For Fall 2012′s Anime Season – Thoughts Thus Far (Part 1)

Introduction: I wonder if there’s a single word that I can use to describe these posts. Calling them “previews” would be slightly inaccurate since I’m not pulling completely blind guesses out of a hat, but calling them “thoughts thus far” feels longer than they need to be. I ought to retitle them to “First Impressions.”

In the meantime, I might not be enthusiastic about many of the shows airing this fall, but there sure are a lot of good soundtracks to cheer for. Here, I do intend on covering a whopping 16 shows, but because of how time-consuming it is to get it out all at once and me not being sure whether people want to see huge walls of text anyway, I’ll just cover the first 8 shows I’ve seen. With that in mind, here’s what’s on offer based on everything I’ve listened to thus far. [Read more...]

CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album “Piano no Mori” – Review

Album Title: CLANNAD / Tomoyo After Piano Arrange Album “Piano no Mori”
Anime Title: Clannad
Artist: Magome Togoshi, Shinji Orito, Jun Maeda, riya, Ryo Mizutsuki
Catalog Number: KSLA-0021
Release Type: Arrangement
Release Date: December 29, 2005

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Clannad Vocal Image Album Sorarado – Review

Album Title: Sorarado
Visual Novel Title: Clannad
Artist: riya; Magome Togoshi; Shinji Orito; Takumaru; Manyo
Catalog Number: KSLA-0009
Release Type: Arrangement
Release Date: December 28, 2003

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Clannad Original Soundtrack – Review

Clannad OST Cover

Album Title: Clannad Original Soundtrack
Anime Title: Clannad
Artist: Magome Togoshi; Jun Maeda; Shinji Orito; riya; Lia; kiku
Catalog Number: KSLA-0012~0014
Release Type: Soundtrack
Release Date: August 13, 2004
Purchase at: Play-Asia

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