Chihayafuru Original Soundtrack & Character Song Album 1 – Review

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Chihayafuru Original Soundtrack & Character Song Album 1

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Kousuke Yamashita, Ko-ta, Ko-hey, hidehiro kawai, SADA, Yutaka Shinya, 99RadioService, Asami Seto, Tooru Nara, Yoshimasa Hosoya

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January 18, 2012

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CDJapan, Play-Asia


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Track Title Artist Time
01. YOUTHFUL (TV Size) 99RadioService 1:15
02. Karuta Biyori Kousuke Yamashita. 1:23
03. Takaburu Kimochi Kousuke Yamashita. 2:07
04. Manazashi Kousuke Yamashita. 2:05
05. Kokorogamae Kousuke Yamashita. 1:34
06. Himeta Omoi Kousuke Yamashita. 2:21
07. “Chihayafuru” Main Theme Kousuke Yamashita. 2:59
08. Karta no Me Kousuke Yamashita. 2:02
09. Kako no Kioku Kousuke Yamashita. 1:25
10. Karta Nante Kousuke Yamashita. 2:00
11. Shouri e no Michi Kousuke Yamashita. 2:32
12. Aseri Kousuke Yamashita. 2:16
13. Omowanu Tenkai Kousuke Yamashita. 2:29
14. Hontou no Jitsuryoku Kousuke Yamashita. 2:10
15. Wabito Kousuke Yamashita. 2:23
16. Kumori Kokoro Kousuke Yamashita. 1:54
17. Ooki na Sonzai Kousuke Yamashita. 2:33
18. Katsudou Kaishi! Kousuke Yamashita. 2:25
19. Osananajimi Kousuke Yamashita. 3:02
20. Team Chihayafuru Kousuke Yamashita. 2:55
21. “Chihayafuru” Main Theme ~p.f.ver.~ Kousuke Yamashita. 2:19
22. full throttle Chihaya Ayase (CV: Asami Seto) 4:22
23. Yume e no Chizu Arata Wataya (CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya) 4:40
24. NICK MAN! Yusei Nishida (CV: Tooru Nara) 4:04
25. Soshite Ima Asami Seto 4:25

Review: The basis for Chihayafuru is an odd one seeing that it revolves around the world of karuta, a niche card game where the player who identifies old Japanese poems the fastest emerges victorious. Although competitive karuta might be a quirky subject, Chihayafuru’s atmosphere is no different from most other shows focused on sport or competition. The matches retain the intensity, energy, mind games and moments of self doubt that have been staples of the sports genre since forever, but, given the nature of karuta, the anime also delves into the Japanese poems’ culture and history. It’s through this backdrop that composer Kousuke Yamashita demonstrates his musical excellence, bringing not only the karuta matches to life, but also the emotions that lie embedded in Japanese poetry.

Impassioned. That’s one word that continually hangs over the anime and Chihayafuru’s score certainly reflects the energy and excitement that flows through the characters during the course of their journey through the world of competitive karuta. This passion is especially evident in the soundtrack’s main theme. The crescendo early on in the piece is invigorating as it unleashes the vast reservoir of the characters’ pent-up energy through the brassy bursts, capturing their emotions as they bask in the glory of victory. Depicting this singular moment is not enough however; in the grand tradition of main themes, it maneuvers itself to encapsulate the entire scope of the anime – the melody is first allowed to simmer in the glow of contentment before proceeding with inspirational violin swells that light up the characters’ path ahead, illustrating their boundless energy as they look forward to the next challenge with confidence and joy!

“Chihayafuru” Main Theme

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