7th Time Loop Soundtrack

Album Title:7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy! Original Soundtrack
Anime Title:7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!
Artist:Satoshi Hono, Ryunosuke Kasai
Catalog Number:PCSP-05737
Release Type:Soundtrack
Release Date:April 10, 2024
Purchase at:Apple Music

7th Time Loop Soundtrack Review

The 7th Time Loop soundtrack is easily overlooked. Part of it is because the anime itself was a fun ride with a likable protagonist in Rishe whose resourcefulness occupied a big chunk of my attention. And part of it is because the music isn’t a prominent part of the anime. Usually I’ll try to pay attention to the background music, but in this instance it never registered.

Which is a damned shame. Absent Rishe’s intricate plots to distract me, the 7th Time Loop soundtrack is surprisingly good! It doesn’t have the kind of music that will sweep you off your feet or leave you breathless at its grandiosity. No, 7th Time Loop‘s soundtrack is far more modest in its presentation. But the orchestral melodies that composers Satoshi Hono and Ryunosuke Kasai serve us are serviceable, enjoyable, and competent. Listening to it is a simple pleasure punctuated by moments of joy.

What helps is that this soundtrack has a nice arc to it. The first few tracks set the stage for the anime’s story, starting off with the main character. “Rishe’s Theme” is filled with optimism, capturing the protagonist’s outlook and go-getter attitude through an energetic string and piano melody. I found the piece to be as enjoyable as Rishe herself. Other facets of her personality also surface in “Kindness” with its softer, mellower sound and “Intelligent”, which rounds her out wonderfully through its deliberate pace.

We then get introduced to her eponymous worst enemy/husband-to-be in “Arnold’s Theme”. Here, composer Kasai evokes the dark, brooding, mysterious prince vibe through an entrancing string and wind melody. We’re also introduced to his brother Theodore through a darker-sounding piano theme that creeps along. It invokes images of skullduggery, matching Theodore’s initial untrustworthy persona to a T.

Once we’re introduced to the characters, we’re treated to a beautiful waltz! Count me in as one who enjoys a good waltz. And the one in 7th Time Loop warrants strong consideration. Anyone who’s seen the anime will remember Arnold’s and Rishe’s spirited waltz, with its quick, sharp movements. The music accompanying this dance, “Waltz ‘Rishe and Arnold'”, is a swirling delight. Its delivery is a whirlwind of elegance, giving no hints that there was a minor battle of wills ensuing just under the surface.

From here, the album proceeds to set Rishe’s day to day life to music. I enjoy the energy of “Life as a Carefree Bride” especially in how the piece blossoms once the strings and piano come in to augment the guitar. That’s followed by the joyful romp of “Expectations” with its catchy whistle melody and a relaxing guitar. But those tracks don’t hit nearly as well as “Empire”. “Empire” ranks only second to the “Waltz” for being my favorite track on the album. I love its grandeur and ambition as the strings paint Galkhein as a buzzing empire full of potential.

Where the album starts to falter is when we drift into more somber waters. Tracks like “Lonesome” is decently rich in the titular emotion as the piano melody wanders in a depressed state. But it’s hard for me to engage with it. Its long, sustained notes are uninteresting and don’t do it for me. When I listen further to pieces like “Pathetic” and “Tense Atmosphere”, I’m forced to conclude that darker, more somber themes are Hono and Kasai’s Achilles heel from a music context. Their pieces are serviceable; there’s never any doubt in that. But their upbeat themes are better in keeping me hooked.

Thankfully, seeing this album through to the finish yields some thrilling rewards as the album’s story arc wraps up. The conclusion starts with “Dream Forward to the Future” which recovers the album’s sense of optimism and pushes forth an image of Rishe springing into action to avert tragedy. This feeling is furthered by “Enthusiasm” where the piece crescendos into a riveting piano melody as the action continues. All of that comes to a close in “Ring” where the happy ending vibes run strong through a beautiful violin solo that imparts relief.

With their work on Fluffy Paradise, and now 7th Time Loop, composers Satoshi Hono and Ryunosuke Kasai have once again struck gold (haven’t listened to Tales of Wedding Rings). Their optimistic pieces are impeccable and enchanting. And even though there are some rough edges on this album, that it works well in the context of the anime means I can’t fault it too hard. So while 7th Time Loop‘s soundtrack might not turn heads, it still succeeds in getting me to smile with its modest melodic delights.

Rating: Good

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