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The anime community has long gone without a significant resource on anime music, whether it is soundtrack reviews or extraneous information related to the creating of anime music. Our goal is to increase awareness about anime music, which includes the large body of anime soundtracks, opening and ending singles, rearrangements, and even doujin works by reviewing them so that people can gain a better appreciation for the music behind the anime and hopefully find some new music to add to their playlists.

In addition to reviews, this blog will also contain thoughts about the use of music within the show as well as some background information on the music gathered through conducting interviews and reading the booklet inside the CD covers. Also expect articles concerning our opinions on music in general and the state of the music industry in Japan.

Can I Contribute My Anime Music Reviews?

Certainly. Writing about anime music is a difficult, but enjoyable task and more writers are always welcome. The best way to apply is to send a sample of what your anime music review would look like via e-mail. Do take note of the reviews that have already been published on this site so that you get a feel for the formatting. Also, strong writing skills are a must to make our job of editing your work easier.

For those interested, contact zzeroparticle  via e-mail at:
webmaster@animeinstrumentality.net. Otherwise, go here to see other avenues in which you can get in touch with us.

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