Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Original Soundtrack Preview

Album Title:Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Original Soundtrack
Anime Title:Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End
Artist:Evan Call
Catalog Number:THCA-60290
Release Type:Soundtrack
Release Date:April 17, 2024
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Frieren Soundtrack Review

The impression I got when sitting through Frieren‘s early episodes is that this isn’t your traditional epic fantasy anime. That is true of the story and the music is a reflection of that. Where one might expect the grim, somber fanfares characteristic of soundtracks like Princess Mononoke‘s and the Lord of the Rings, Evan Call’s music for Frieren feels more laid-back, more prosaic in comparison. Frieren‘s music is willing to wander, to dilly-dally, moving only when it precisely means to. It doesn’t lean into those epic fantasy tropes and it is the better for it.

Evan Call’s steadiness in the composer’s chair should have been expected going in. I found myself entranced by the music he’d previously composed for Violet Evergarden and can say the same holds for Frieren’s score. The first track, “Journey of a Lifetime ~ Frieren Main Theme” is a delight, taking a Celtic air and infusing it with excitement for the journey ahead. I love how the strings and woodwinds explore the emotional facets of the anime, from the more festive moments to moments of quiet confidence. And through it all, I became well acquainted with Frieren’s captivating motif.

That motif comes up quite often, yet never overstays its welcome because it pairs well in so many contexts. For example, in “One Last Adventure”, you hear flashes of that motif early on before the piece segues to solo violin and flute sections that weave an anticipatory air. Once the piece crescendos — and boy does Evan Call do an amazing job with his use of crescendoes throughout — a feeling of resoluteness sets in, and with it, the calling to a new adventure.

In “Farewell, My Friend” the motif takes the form of a somber chorus that evokes the tribute being paid to a legendary hero. The same can be said for “Where the Blue-Moon Weed Grows” which, again, pays tribute, but takes on a more introspective approach before ending on a gracious note. As I said before, so many opportunities to use that motif, but never overtired or overdone.

Finally, given what’s come before, I wasn’t sure if Evan Call could deliver with a good battle theme, but I really enjoyed “Zoltraak”. The piece’s Celtic air takes the form of a fast-moving dance, full of short, agile bursts of movement. It evokes the twisting, turning, feinting nature of the duel. Furthermore, the accompanying chorus drives home the tension. The combination yields a piece that’s dynamic, keeping me at the edge of my seat until it comes to a firm, decisive close.

Needless to say, I’m quite pleased with the music Evan Call’s composed for Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End. To hear him take on a fantasy adventure anime while departing from many of its conventions (very much like the anime itself with respect to the genre!) has been mesmerizing. Needless to say, I look forward to listening to the full soundtrack once it’s released in April.

Rating: Excellent

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