Ever Thought About Traveling to Japan? Help Out the Japanese Tourism Agency Through This Survey!

If there’s one thing I keep telling people about my grad school experience, it’s that the best part about it is being able to work on a variety of interesting projects, ranging from case competitions to consulting projects on behalf of an organization.

This post is more about the latter. One activity that my grad program requires everyone to take part in is called PRIME, where students take a trip to a country on the Pacific Rim, be it China, Taiwan, South Korea, Latin America, or Japan. Given my interests, it’s not too hard to guess at which destination I opted to go to.

It’s not all fun and games though (but there is fun, possibly games); part of the trip involves taking on a consulting project for a company in the destination country. For example, classmates who travel to South Korea might be working on a problem Samsung is having. My group’s particular project is with the Japanese Tourism Agency where we’ll hope to strengthen Japan’s image as a tourist destination abroad.

But for that, we’ll need some data! My group has created a survey that we hope will give the JTA an idea of what they should focus on. If you get a chance, please do take the time to respond to it. We could use as much information as we can. The survey can be found here: https://usc.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_0VNRTwIEAI7GecQ.

Thanks ahead of time!

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