Team Blogging and an Anime Music CD Giveaway

Back when I responded to Justin’s team blogging article, one of the things that surprised me the most as I thought over his questions was Anime Instrumentality’s slow transformation into a team blog. There never was a grand, overarching plan that I had envisioned for getting a group of writers to wax fondly over anime music; it just sort of happened serendipitously. The recruiting process is nearly nonexistent in that we’ve only had one staff contest. Most everyone else have come through informal channels, usually by sending me an e-mail, instant message, or talking to me through Twitter and indicating interest. It doesn’t get any more informal than that. I’m happy with how it’s currently working out and don’t plan to change it anytime soon.

Now, the one part that I partly addressed in my response to Justin is that having more people on staff brings about a diversity of opinions, backgrounds, and experiences that keep the content fresh. We all have our views on music and getting to read and understand different writers’ perspectives helps make the listening experience more enriching and engaging. It’s rare that I read something someone else wrote and not come out of it feeling more enlightened than before.

On top of the diversity of content and viewpoints, each writer also brings in a unique style, be it a quirky turn of phrase, descriptive tendencies, or a certain rhythm and tempo in their writing. And I’ve wondered for the longest time whether each writer on Anime Instrumentality has their own unique voice, a signature that sets them apart from the others that readers can readily pick up on and identify.

Here’s where you readers come in. [Read more...]

3 Examples of How Anime Add Meaning to Their Respective OP/EDs Themes

Whether they set the mood, deliver sentiments not carried across in dialogue, or accentuate certain themes within a show, anime songs work to add value to a show.

What may get overlooked, however, is that the reverse also applies: anime also add value to their respective OP and ED themes. And I’m not talking commercial value. (That may be topic for another day.) The element that arguably propels a merely enjoyable anisong into something great comes from how intimately the song is tied to the anime.

Spoilers to follow for Natsume Yuujinchou, Steins;Gate, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. [Read more...]

Anime Expo 2012 Detox and Quick Thoughts

If Anime Expo didn’t have a musical component to it, the convention might as well be an offline meetup of folks I talk to online. I’m interested but not raving-fanatic about meeting voicecast members or anime producers/directors, so aside from attending LiSA’s panel (I wasn’t able to make Kajiura’s panel due to work-related reasons), this year’s Anime Expo was far less exhausting since I wasn’t on my feet, running around, filling up my notebook with interesting tidbits. I guess two concerts rather than four helps too. [Read more...]

Anime Expo 2012 – The Pregame Edition


Last year’s Anime Expo saw me running around getting all tired and worn-out in the best way possible. The deluge of guests like Kalafina and events like the Mikunopolis concert all seemed to pass by in a blur. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun (or working hard) and there certainly was a lot of fun and hard work to be had all around when you’re trying to hit up as many panels as possible as well as running your own [like the Yuki Kajiura panel I ran (Part 5 still needs to be uploaded)]. [Read more...]

A Brief Look at Three Newbies on the Anisong Scene

With each year comes a flurry of new anisong artists who ply their trade. Some burn out quickly and disappear never to be heard from again. Others manage to stick around for just a bit longer. Rare is the artist that manages to become a permanent fixture on the scene. Nevertheless, I randomly feel compelled to comment on the promising ones in recent months whom I will be keeping an eye on. Plus, it will be fun to look back on this a few months later to see how accurate my predictions have been.

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