Anime Expo 2014 – The Pregame Edition

As the July 4th weekend begins to roll around, the rumblings that signal a return into the breach of the North American anime fandom materialize. As usual, I’ll continue to seek out any musical offerings that sate my palate, with varying degrees of success. That said, this year looks more promising than last! Unlike last year, this year’s artists are somewhat relevant to my interests. We don’t have to deal with brand-new idol groups trying to get their footing and instead, get pros who’ve been on the scene long enough to provide serviceable music. There are even a few instrumentalists thrown around for good measure!

So in poring over the schedule, here’s how events are going to shape up on my end over the 4 days of the convention: [Read more…]

Anime Instrumentality’s 6th Year – Kicking Off with Some Masterpieces

Anime Piano
There’s nothing like a blog anniversary to give me a shot in the arm, a kick in the rear, and a punch in the nose, sending a jolt to my system that’ll have me increasing my output. I say this because last year was a down year when it came to reviews; we succeeded in writing just 16 reviews, most of which came during the month of May. We made up for that with a wider variety of content where we struck a chord talking about Asia’s Chord Progressions, filled people in on what composer Jun Maeda has done through the years, and went the N-list articles route by talking about some of our favorite waltzes.

Most of those articles and reviews came out in May, which suggests that blog anniversaries are indeed good for output! That said, May did coincide with my stint of NEETness, so you can pencil that in as a possible confounding variable. In terms of other disruptions, around late summer, the Animusic Tourney went into full swing, taking a good chunk of time away from reviewing and general musical musings.

So to be honest, I’m not sure what this year will hold. I can guarantee you that I’ll still be around, pecking away on my keyboard as I attempt to make a dent in the mountain of anime music that seems to come out every single year. Sometimes, the album will be such that inspiration comes easy and I can whip it out without sparing too much brain power. At other times, I’ll be grinding it out for 6 weeks before a review goes to print. Within the releases for this coming year, most will go untouched, but the ones that are on top of my radar will get a much-deserved treatment. Such is my work rate.

But in the pursuit of good music, we at Anime Instrumentality have this bad tendency to go after all the new crap, most of which is, admittedly, crap. So it’s worth taking the time to look back upon past works that are truly great and now’s a good time to do it as any. If there are albums we’re sure you readers would like to read more about, it would be those albums that transcend mere excellence so as to be masterpieces.

For this next month, my team and I would like to go unearth soundtracks from anime long gone and revel in the musical moments that have turned us into a gaggle of schoolgirls swooning and squealing over awesome music. After all, finding good anime music in an idol-poppin’, ambience-saturated arena is already difficult; finding masterpieces that move you in a way that stands the test of time is nigh impossible unless you’ve built up an internal database of OSTs that leave you in breathless wonder. So I hope you all look forward to Anime Instrumentality’s Masterpiece Month and can find some new avenues in which to explore in your musical journey.

A Little Cloud’s Liebster Curiosities

New year. Old tunes. And some questions to start things off.

So there’s an event circulating around the anime blogosphere called the Liebster Awards that’s designed to get people exposed to new blogs or blogs with a smaller number of readers by tagging other blogs and asking the writers a series of questions. Cloudy over at Cloudy’s Blog nominated not Anime Instrumentality (technically), but the Anime Music Tourney. In the interest of keeping things separate since the AniMusicTourney site should generally be used for all contest-related things, I’ll go ahead and answer Cloudy’s questions here. Without further ado: [Read more…]

A Peek At Our Animusic Tourney Nominations



So with the anime music tournament in full swing and nominations locked in, we at Anime Instrumentality believe it’s a good time to release what we thought were good additions to the tournament ranks and the rationale behind our nominations. With so many songs at our fingertips, narrowing our choices down to a paltry fifteen proved to be quite the challenge! But narrow down we did, and so, here’s a list of songs we thought were notable and ended up on our list, even if they might not have made the final cut into the tournament proper: [Read more…]

Anime Expo 2013 – The Pregame Edition

Anime Expo 2013
Usually, the words “Anime Expo” and “relaxing” don’t mix well given the sheer number of events to attend and personalities/guests to meet, but this year’s offerings, for better or for worse, will give me the chance to take a breather. More so than normal anyway, owing to the dearth of musical guests relevant to my interests and my panel application getting denied (and boy, that removed a huge amount of work off my shoulders and freed up more personal bandwidth). While I can’t speak to how satisfied I will be with the convention experience this year, I can at least say that it’ll be a relaxing affair.

Mind you, there are a few things worthy of scouring. Based on the latest incarnation of the AX Schedule, my plan is going to look something like so: [Read more…]

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