LiSA Panel and Concert at Anime Expo 2012

As you’ve probably already heard, J-pop singer LiSA was in the States this past weekend as a guest at Anime Expo, invited, no doubt, for her Angel Beats! and Fate/Zero involvement. Because this was my first chance to hear a J-pop idol talk and perform, I was pretty excited about her visit, even though I expected her to be your generic j-pop idol, mediocre singing and everything. At last, I would get to see one of the names in my music library in the flesh, a rare occurrence indeed. [Read more...]

Yuki Kajiura and FictionJunction Live at Anime Expo 2012 – Concert Report


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1. The beginning of the end
2. The battle is to the strong
3. The image theme of Xenosaga II
4. Vanity
5. Liminality
6. In the Land of Twilight, Under the Moon
7. Hanamori no Oka
8. Parallel Hearts
9. Salva Nos
10. Forest
11. Sis Puella Magica
12. Credens Justitiam
13. Himeboshi
14. Duran Shoukan
15. Mezame
16. Stone cold
17. Zodiacal sign
18. Open your heart
Encore: The World

In an industry largely overrun by cutesy J-pop idols, that a 46-year old woman can make for a fresh face is perhaps irony at its finest. I do realize that comparing a seasoned composer like Yuki Kajiura to J-pop idols is very much an apples and oranges comparison, but given that my interactions with music guests at Anime Expo have largely consisted of the latter, this difference is a wonderful change of pace. What Kajiura presented to the Anime Expo crowd who gathered to see her and FictionJunction perform is someone who is intelligent, thoughtful, and has a wry (perhaps unintentionally) sense of humor. But I am getting ahead of myself just a bit. [Read more...]

Mawaru Penguindrum Character Song Album – Triple H (HHH) – Review

Album Title: Triple H
Anime Title: Mawaru Penguindrum
Artist: Hisashi Shirahama, Ryo Ishibashi, Ichiro Tanaka, Yukari Hashimoto,
Triple H: Marie Miyake, Yui Watanabe, Miho Arakawa
Catalog Number: KICA-3168
Release Type: Vocal Collection
Release Date: December 21, 2011
Purchase at: CDJapan

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Heartcatch Precure! Original Soundtrack 1 – Review

Album Title: Heartcatch Precure! Original Soundtrack 1
Anime Title: Heartcatch Precure!
Artist: Yasaharu Takanashi
Catalog Number: MJCD-20188
Release Type: Soundtrack
Release Date: June 09, 2010
Purchase at: CDJapan (out of print)

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Anime Expo 2012 – The Pregame Edition


Last year’s Anime Expo saw me running around getting all tired and worn-out in the best way possible. The deluge of guests like Kalafina and events like the Mikunopolis concert all seemed to pass by in a blur. As they say, time flies when you’re having fun (or working hard) and there certainly was a lot of fun and hard work to be had all around when you’re trying to hit up as many panels as possible as well as running your own [like the Yuki Kajiura panel I ran (Part 5 still needs to be uploaded)]. [Read more...]

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