Love Live! Sunshine!!’s Aina Suzuki Debut Album

Aina Suzuki is best-known voice role thus far has been for Love Live! Sunshine!! In it, Aina plays Mari Ohara, a third-year student at Uranohoshi High School who sprinkles englishisms in her speech (like the ever-present “shiny”) but who aims to become a renowned school idol.

As a part of the role, Aina Suzuki has had to do a lot of singing. One of her solo efforts include “New Winding Road”, written by Aki Hata, composed and arranged by Makoto Miyazaki. Her delivery is excellent. She succeeds in bringing out the song’s yearning, nostalgic emotions while demonstrating a good amount of voice control, especially with her vibrato.

These skills have translated into success. She’s gone on to perform in concert with her fellow counterparts from the school idol group Aqours at the Tokyo Dome in 2018 and the 69th NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen the same year.

Aina Suzuki Debut Album Details

So with all those skills in tow, she’s finally debuting with her first solo album on January 22. The album, titled “ring A ring”, features 13 tracks. While none of her Aquors work is present, she does deliver anison in “Hikariiro no Uta”, which is the ending theme for the anime “HATENA☆ILLUSION”. A preview of the track can be seen below:

The song, written by ZAQ, is another entrant in the power-pop tradition. Its rhythm can get pretty intense and the backing instruments can be pretty frenetic. From her opening notes though, Aina Suzuki’s Mari Ohara voice is unmistakably present. While the song doesn’t break new ground, it’ll appeal to Suzuki’s fanbase at the very least.

Her Message to Her Fans

Aina Suzuki also has this to say about her debut:

To debut as an artist has always been one of my “dreams”.

I have loved Anisong since I was small. No matter how hard time was, Anisongs have always been by my side, and I received power and courage from them! When I heard I was going to debut, I was really happy that now I could be the one to spread the joy!!

I hope I could spread my love through singing, which is what I like the most.

I will do my best, so that Aina Suzuki’s songs will become one of the elements that cheer you up, and give you courage every day, and I hope you will support me!!


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