Kamichu! – Review

Title: Kamichu! aka Kamichu! ~ Kamisama de Chuugakusei
Episodes: 16
Company: Brains Base
Genre(s): Comedy/Drama
Air Dates: 29 Jun 2005 – 28 Sep 2005

Synopsis: One morning, Hitotsubashi Yurie wakes up to find out that she has become a deity, and with that, her life suddenly opens up to a whole new world as she uses her powers to help people and spirits alike. Although being a goddess does come with its perks, Yurie must still struggle through the basic things that junior high school students deal with, including trying to get Ninomiya Kenji’s attention as she works up the courage to confess her feelings for him.


  • Characters are enjoyable for the most part with Matsuri being the clear winner
  • Comedy usually hits the mark rather well and Matsuri’s schemes are hilarious
  • Spirits make a great addition the setting


  • Yurie’s not that interesting of a character
  • Episodes that journey out of Yurie’s hometown isn’t too compelling

Review: My review on the Nihon Review.

Score: Good

Minami-ke – Review

Title: Minami-ke
Episodes: 13
Company: Doumo/Starchild Records
Genre(s): Comedy
Air Dates: 8 Oct 2007 – 31 Dec 2007

Synopsis: The three Minami sisters Chiaki, Kana, and Haruka have been living together for quite some time. Haruka is the oldest and the motherly figure of the group. Kana is more of the problem child whose energy often causes her to get in trouble and Chiaki is the youngest, but is fairly intelligent and has a sarcastic side to her as she belittles those she finds stupid. Together, these sisters live life normally with a few interruptions coming in the way such as school, creepy upperclassmen, cross-dressing classmates, or Kana’s antics.


  • Comedy has good execution and is accessible to a wide audience
  • Hosaka is awesome in all sorts of disturbing ways


  • Comedy can be a bit inconsistent at times, especially during the first half of any given episode
  • The addition of the Minami brothers should have been done sooner
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Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku) – Review

Hayate the Combat Butler

Title: Hayate the Combat Butler (Hayate no Gotoku)
Episodes: 52
Company: SynergySP
Genre(s): Comedy
Air Dates: 1 April 2007 – 30 March 2008

Synopsis: Hayate Ayasaki has the world’s worst luck. Born to unemployed parents who are also reckless gamblers, money was always short in spite of Hayate’s earnest efforts to help keep the family afloat. His efforts remain unappreciated and his debt-ridden parents, in an act of ultimate sacrifice, decide to sell his organs to a group of yakuza to relieve themselves of debt. Desperate and with very few options left, Hayate sees an opportunity in the form Nagi Sanzenin, a very wealthy girl, and decides to kidnap her and hold her for ransom. However he botches the attempt, and crestfallen, he walks off only to see Nagi get kidnapped by another group. To atone for his attempted misdeed, Hayate pursues the kidnappers and succeeds in saving Nagi. As a reward, Hayate gets the honor of becoming Nagi’s newest butler.

Hayate and Nagi Hayate and Maria Hayate and the Katsura Sisters


  • The cast is large, but all of the characters are likeable
  • Comedy is handled well and features a lot of fourth-wall destruction


  • There are a few stretches where the series slows down significantly
  • Plot and character relationships move as quickly as molasses
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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Review

Title: Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye Despair Teacher)
Episodes: 12
Company: SHAFT
Genre(s): Comedy
Air Dates: 5 Oct 2007 – 21 Mar 2008

Synopsis: Nozomu Itoshiki is the world’s biggest pessimist and finds fault with practically every major facet of modern Japanese society. This sense of despair brought about by his realization that the world is changing for the worse often leads him to attempt suicide, but for some reason, he fails miserably at it, deepening his depression. So how he gets the job of a teacher is anyone’s guess, but if one thing is for sure, putting him in charge of a classroom of misfits including a girl with a split personality, an eternal optimist, an obsessive compulsive maniac, and a girl who only talks through text messaging is a recipe for a hilarious despair-inducing disaster.


  • Comedy is well-executed by treating its subjects irreverently
  • Scenes become even more over-the-top with each episode
  • Brilliant art direction by director Akiyuki Shinbo


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