Anime Music on the AIRS Ep. 8 – Travel Music

As usual, we’d like to have the Anime Music on the AIRS radio show have themes that make some modicum of sense. Last time, we had a summer-riffic blast. Now, we turn to anime music that captures travel: whether it’s something like a full-fledged adventure, merely wandering about, short, but fast excursions, or whatever else strikes up your fancy. While there are some heavy tracks within, most are lighter fare. But then again, traveling is supposed to be exciting and fun!

Anime Music on the AIRS ep. 8

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0:53 – Twelve Kingdoms – Juuni, Genmu Kyoku – Ryo Kunihiko
6:14 – Madlax – Galza – Yuki Kajiura
10:00 – Cowboy Bebop – Road to the West – Yoko Kanno
13:33 – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan – Fleeing the Hot Desert, Team Dai Gurren Can Continue – Taku Iwasaki
16:45 – Initial D – Night of Fire – Niko
22:38 – Sketchbook ~Full Colors~ – Kaze Sagashi – Natsumi Kiyoura
27:26 – Victorian Romance Emma – Silhouette of a Breeze – Ryo Kunihiko
31:11 – Allison and Lillia – Sora he – Shusei Murai
34:24 – Final Fantasy Unlimited – Ai’s Theme – Shiro Hamaguchi
37:12 – Pokemon Heroes – Search for the Girl – Shinji Miyazaki
41:30 – FLCL – Ride on Shooting Star – The Pillows

To carry on with our themes, let’s depart from the previous moods like summer’s joy and traveling’s optimism and let’s sink to the lower depths with some despair. So yeah, anything that dulls the happiness and makes you lose all traces of hope.

Also, if you have other themes you’d like me to place on the docket, feel free to throw your suggestions our way.

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Celebrating 25 Weeks of Anime Music (#MALKeionbu)

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It seems like forever since I’ve written up anything related to the MALKeionbu (alternatively known as the MyAnimeList Music Piece of the Week Club), but I figured now that we’ve entered our 25th week of voting, there’s something special to be had in this moment. 25 represents a pretty significant psychological barrier, for me at least, because, let’s face it, keeping a weekly event running for 25 consecutive weeks with few hiccups along the way is a pretty huge feat. And for that, I’d like to thank all of those who’ve directly participated whether it’s in track nomination or voting, in making this such an awesome event.

This milestone also offers an excellent opportunity to look back on all the tracks that have come and gone. The weekly process of nominating 7-10 tracks for 25 consecutive weeks yields a whole hell of a lot of anime music of all styles and rhythms. We’ve gone from simple emotions like Love and Despair, scene depictions like Action and Cityscapes, works from a single composer, to examining music covering various styles (Funky/Groovy) and instruments used (Piano, Electric Guitar). The thing that blows my mind the most is the club members’ ability to come up with a pretty good set of tracks week after week and I’ve yet to go through a week where I didn’t learn something new or find some album or composer to check out. Then there are the discussions that result during the voting phase that have been enjoyable to take part in, because through that, you get a better understanding for people’s tastes and opinions which in turn, helps you appreciate the music more. So it’s been a great learning process through and through!

With that in mind, let’s turn to some of the pieces that really struck a chord with me in some way or other. For the purposes of this list, neither tracks that I’ve nominated nor tracks that I’ve heard extensively are eligible since a big part of what makes this club fun is the process of discovering new pieces. So here are my picks: [Read more…]

Anime Piece of the Week: #3 – Lost


Voting Thread

Two back to back Piece of the Week posts due to a fairly busy week. At least that’s my excuse anyhow.

The pieces this week give off a different vibe that isn’t quite in-your-face or emotionally charged, making it really hard to evaluate them properly and dispense with the points. Most of the pieces did a good job of adhering to the theme though because of the theme, most of the tracks are fairly melancholy or downright despondent. While I had been hoping for more of the adventurous kind of lost-ness, the despairing mood largely prevailed, resulting in the following tracks nominated: [Read more…]

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