As I’ve written more and more, it’s only natural that I broaden my horizons by reading what others have written so that I can absorb their thoughts and ideas about anime series and everything tangentially related to the medium. It’s been a long, continuous process in which I strive to educate myself by exposing myself to writers who encourage me to think critically and force me to question my assumptions. So here is a list of sites that get my nod for the content they’ve written. I daresay you may find some gems hidden here if you weren’t already aware of them. If I can write a blurb about you, I will.

Anime Blogs:

Abandoned Factory Anime Review
Joojoobees’s episodic bits and somewhat frequent forays into anime music with some talk on composers and various J-pop groups.

Altair and Vega – The Untold Story
Vuc and AJ finally team up to produce a sterling effort.

Ambivalence, or is it ambiguity?
Mostly a general editorial blog that gives us a reminder of where we’ve been and where we might be going.

Animenz con animato
A music blog around in the sphere that focuses its magic through piano transcriptions.

Anime B&B
Marinasauce creates thoughts that are allowed to stew.

Atarashii Prelude
Shinn is out to amuse people with his DFC-loving lolicon antics and photoshop frenzies.

One of the few people in the anime bloggosphere who is actually funny and each post of his is pretty much on the mark.

Behind the Nihon Review
I’m biased, but I think they have very insightful postings that raise issues people may not have thought of or encourage people to think critically about the shows they watch.

A different take from my own tastes and whatnot, but good to see the other side. I dunno where the origin of the name comes from though!

Episodic blog that’s easy on the eyes to read while giving a good amount of overview without boring the reader with a barrage of details.

Canne’s Anime Reviews
Honesty in review writing sure is a virtue and that’s why I read them.

The Cart Driver
Apparently earns a lot of ire for not liking Gunbuster, which has been the source of the ongoing feud between Scamp and Jesus159159(ad infinitum).

Chikorita157’s Anime Blog
No pokemon included, but episodics and editorials? Most certainly.

Desu ex Machina
Especially good for those keeping tabs on SaiMoe and desu.

Fabrice Requin
Fresh like a breeze.

Japanese Melodia
More OP/ED and other music reviews out here. We’re not alone after all! \o/

Listless Ink
Very yuri-licious and I’m sure as hell not complaining.

Lower-Mid Table
No fears of relegation and the occasional bouts of giant killing.

Memories of Ephemerality
This young grasshopper has out-hopped me and still has interesting things to say.

The design is pretty mesmerizing…

It isn’t.

The Null Set
Steelbound delivers with his first impressions, but I mostly read his end-of-season editorials as that’s a great way to catch up on old stuff.

Oishii Anime
Determined to showcase a character a day and will no doubt succeed.

Omo’s thought process is where mine would be at if I had 10 years life experience and some more brain cells.

Open Your Mind
I like that Yoko Ishida song too!

Project Saber
Reltair’s stuff is as good as any and I get a good blurb to help me make up my mind what to watch.

Focus is mostly on episodics, but they sure do a good job of keeping you up to date.

Subdued Fangirling
It is what it is, but it’s not that bad!

Tsukiyo no Hikari
More J-pop to brighten your day.