FLOW @ Anime Boston 2018

FLOW is a five piece band consisting of members Kohshi (vocals, guitar), Keigo (vocals), Take (guitar), Got’s (bass), and Iwasaki (drums). Together since 1998, they debuted with their first single in 2001. Since then they’ve released an absolutely enormous amount of music. As of 2017, the count is at 31 singles and 10 albums. The band has also become one of the most prolific contributors of OP/ED songs for anime and video games, providing songs for such popular shows as Naruto, Dragonball, Eureka 7, and Seven Deadly Sins. This comes as no surprise- FLOW’s songs are perfect for hyping up the audience for the exciting episodes ahead with their energetic and infectiously enthusiastic style.

For those unfamiliar with the band who are looking for a place to jump in, Keigo recommends their song “GO!!!” as a good introduction to their music. FLOW’s 4th single, the song was used for Naruto’s 4th OP. It’s a great example of what the band is all about with its catchy and morale-inspiring cheers of “FIGHTING DREAMERS!”. You can listen to the song on the band’s official channel here, and follow Kohshi’s instagram at kohshi_FLOW.

In person, the band was a pretty chill group. Keigo, Kohshi, and Iwasaki did most of the talking, often making relaxed jokes. Their answers gave the distinct sense that the band members truly love their work and their fans. They absolutely love putting on concerts and love connecting with the audience. It was my strong impression that FLOW is in it to see people have fun with their music.


Concert Review

Their concert was a blast! The band was definitely aware of the crowd and prepared a packed setlist filled with songs featured in different anime. The audience was treated with such favorites as “Colors”, “Days”, and “World End” from Code Geass, “Sign” and “Go!!!” from Naruto, and “Cha-La Head-Cha-la” from Dragonball Z, among others. Anime fans definitely didn’t leave the concert disappointed.

Out of all the performers at Anime Boston this year, FLOW absolutely had the best presence and crowd engagement (perhaps not that surprising when the band has been perfecting the art for more than a decade). The lighting was dynamic and interesting and really emphasized the songs while livening up the venue. As Keigo and Kohshi took turns singing the other would be hyping up the audience or  leaping all over the stage. The band broke up the performance to keep things fresh and inserted little flourishes that made the concert feel truly unique. Aside from the typical band introduction, FLOW took the time to introduce each of its members mid-concert by having each instrumentalist do an intense solo to showcase their technical skill. Fans of the Red Sox were also delighted when FLOW unexpectedly segued into a rendition of “Sweet Caroline” whilst Kohshi danced in a funky lighted costume. Finally, during “Go!!!”, the audience was encouraged to belt out the chorus along with the song, ending the concert on a high note of “Fighting dreamers!!!”.

By the end of the concert it was hard not to love such a fun-loving band. Luckily, FLOW tours quite frequently (indeed, they are touring South America in July) and I have no doubt they will visit North America again. Thank you FLOW, for coming to Anime Boston and I hope you visit again!


A musician with a fondness for anime, I love listening and talking about the music accompanying the shows I watch. I'm fond of classical styled music, but any piece regardless of genre can tickle my fancy. On the other hand, I'm awful at discussing anime because I'm so terribly easy to please.

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