Sakamichi no Apollon: Kids on the Slope Episode 5

I suppose it’s the price to be paid for heavy plot development, that the jazz aspect of the episode gets pushed a little bit to the side. Maybe that’s why it took more than 2 weeks to get this post out? Or was it due to laziness?

Definitely laziness.

This episode sees Kaoru giving his estranged mother a record of Chris Connor’s album Chris Connor Sings Lullabys Of Birdland, which is a bit famous as a song that was written in 10 minutes that actually became George Shearing’s greatest hit and refers to Charlie Parker’s Birdland club. Now passed, Shearing jokingly lamented how “Lullaby” dominated his repertoire. It’s a fitting gift for Kaoru’s mother, who does possess some singing skills, and the fact that Chris Connor’s rendition is a bit slower than Shearing’s original should make it easier for his mother to sing along to despite the song’s English lyrics. Uh, hey, that’s pretty much it.

Oh, Kaoru is transcribing “My Favorite Things” in 6/4 instead of the more common 3/4, that’s something, right?

And the guy in Kaoru’s class mentions something about blue trains. Blue Train? Jazz!

Also, there is a shot where Kaoru cries while he is eating a ball of rice.

Sorry about this post. I promise subsequent posts will a little less late than this one.


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