Anime Instrumentality goes to Anime Boston 2018

As Spring takes its sweet time coming to the Northeast, we at Anime Instrumentality hold the cold at bay with our excitement for this year’s Anime Boston! Anime Boston, the American Northeast’s largest annual anime convention held in Boston, MA, will run from March 30th-April 1st. You can find more information at the convention’s website, here.

A few names on the guest list stand out to the AI staff this year. Kaoru Wada, a classically trained composer and conductor known for his scores including Samurai 7, Princess Tutu, D. Gray Man, and the iconic Inuyasha, will be attending. His more recent work includes arrangements for video games, such as Kingdom Hearts and Monster Hunter. Wada’s style is frequently symphonic and classically inspired with Japanese influences when the context calls for it.

Another name we are excited to see is FLOW, a Jrock band best known for contributing Code Geass’s first Opening, COLORS. With the popularity of the show and the catchiness of the song, the anime OP has reached almost memetic levels of renown in the American anime fandom. A 5 member act, the band has existed in its current form since 2000. Given their reputation for lively shows, AI is definitely expecting an energetic crowd and an exciting performance at Anime Boston.

Hope to see you there!


A musician with a fondness for anime, I love listening and talking about the music accompanying the shows I watch. I'm fond of classical styled music, but any piece regardless of genre can tickle my fancy. On the other hand, I'm awful at discussing anime because I'm so terribly easy to please.

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