Introducing… the Anime Instrumentality Live Show and Q&A (Nov. 12)

About 10 days ago, we asked you all who you would put on your list of the Top 10 Anime Composers of all time! And so far, the responses have been higher than expected. As I mentioned in the post, you all have until December 1st to submit your entries, so there’s still over 2 weeks for you to decide.

But to give you some ideas, we’ll give you our picks, presented in a live-show format via YouTube. On November 12 at 9pm Pacific Time (-8 UTC, countdown timer for those who need it), we’ll be hosting a live show and present you all with a list of our Top 10 Anime Composers of All Time. On top of that, we’ll spend the last few minutes of the show answering whatever questions you may have about anime, about us, or about anime music.

For those of you who are interested in watching us rattle off 10 Japanese composer names each, pay attention to this post or our Facebook Page or Twitter accounts since we’ll be posting the link to the Youtube live-show there. For those who would like to ask us questions, it’s simple: submit your question in the comments section below or post them in the Youtube chat and we will answer your questions in the last segment of the show.

You can watch the show here:

So you want to talk about the latest anime season? Have a bone to pick with Yuki Kajiura? Have a question about a certain composer or artist? Send your questions our way and we will answer them later this week.


Anime Instrumentality's Founder and Editor-in-Chief. As you can probably guess, I'm a big anime music junkie with a special love for composers who've put out some beautiful melodies to accompany some of my favorite anime series. I tend to gravitate towards music in the classical style with Joe Hisaishi and Yoko Kanno being a few of my favorite composers, but I've come to appreciate jazz and rock as anime music has widened my tastes.

2 thoughts on “Introducing… the Anime Instrumentality Live Show and Q&A (Nov. 12)

  • November 13, 2015 at 11:15 pm

    Hi Anime Instrumentality,

    As a relatively new listener of anime soundtracks, I’m really enjoying the composers and soundtrack you guys mentioned on the show so far πŸ˜€ Haven’t finished watching the show yet, but I was wondering if there’s a top ten list of names and recommended OSTs you all mentioned that I can refer to while exploring more of these composers’ works. Thanks for the show! πŸ™‚

    • November 14, 2015 at 1:33 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the show so far! Stay tuned. I’ll have a new post re-showcasing the video and I’ll definitely provide a list of all the composers we talked about and the list of soundtracks that we think are worth checking out.


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