[Preview] Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic OP Single – BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR

Anime Title: Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic
Artist: True
Catalog Number: LACM-14621
Release Type: Single
Release Date: July 26, 2017
Purchase at: CDJapan, iTunes, Amazon

Track Title Artist Time
02. HANABI True 3:16
03. BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR (off vocal) True 4:10

Review: The first time I came across True’s (the stage name of Miho Karasawa) work was in hearing her performance of “Dream Solister,” the opening theme to Hibike Euphonium. It was a song that I can say I enjoyed; the peppy delivery introduced through a big, brash band opening made for a great hook, but the song itself wasn’t such a standout that I’d try to follow up on her subsequent works.

With the release of this season’s opening theme to Hina Logic, True taps my attention once more with “BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR”, a song that threatens to upend “Dream Solister” by cranking up the energy in every way imaginable. Its introduction already does that by being more emphatic; True seizes upon that moment to grab the lyrics and drive them onwards with her crystal-clear vocals.

Throughout the song, True’s vocal strength keeps the excitement going, aided by a catchy melody that heightens at the chorus. The ensuing exultance in the “hashire hashire…” lyrics peals out powerfully, fueled by an energy that doesn’t let up until the song reaches its end.

But with the excitement past, I find myself drawn to her performance of “Hanabi”, a relatively peaceful piece that grants a much-needed reprieve. True goes back to a more peppy tone to bring out her cutesy side. In listening to this performance, I’m reminded of a Round Table feat. Nino’s fare, but a bit sharper. That is, it’s not as mellow as what that group might put out, but it’s a performance that still manages to curry the listener’s favor with its charm. For a B-side to achieve that level of quality means it will have already exceeded my expectations given how much they’ll usually dip.

And that consistency, even if the lack of surprises makes True less exciting of an artist, makes her a reliable go-to for the energetic power pop songs that require strong, clear vocals.


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One thought on “[Preview] Hina Logic – from Luck & Logic OP Single – BUTTERFLY EFFECTOR

  • July 19, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    Her song from the upcoming anime Violet Evergarden may surprise you. Although I do not remember it with 100% accuracy, I saw her perform it live at Anime Expo. It was quite toned down and emotional from what I remember(of that insane weekend where I saw 5 live performances) and I really enjoyed it. I can say I am the first person in the USA and first person for this particular song to break UO glowsticks for TRUE! After I broke them I was kind of regretting it though because it really wasn’t a glowstick kind of song.


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