A Tiny "Update"

Tiny Update

Not really much to say here compared to my usual big blocks of text, but for those who actually go through and read the music reviews that I write up, you will have noticed that for the reviews that deal with the OP/ED singles (excluding the one I wrote for Spice and Wolf’s DS game), I’ve gone through and added youtube entries at the very bottom.  That should help things out by allowing people to actually listen to the  music itself so that they have a reference point as to how I’m judging things, and so that the search costs for finding the music or buying the CD isn’t so ridiculously high.  That, and exposure to some of the better anime OP/EDs is always a good thing.  Maybe that way, you can start criticizing my tastes.  Keep in mind that this will only be for OP/ED albums and not for soundtrack reviews.

Also, you may have noted an absence in anime reviews.  Well, have no fear as those are coming along.  I’ve just been busy with other projects as of late, so those got put on the backburner, but there should be a slew of them coming up soon once I get the time to sit down, clear my thoughts and write.  I expect to be finished with a few sometime this weekend.

Finally, there will be some upcoming news that’ll impact the site.  So stay tuned for that.


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