Kamichu! – Review

Title: Kamichu! aka Kamichu! ~ Kamisama de Chuugakusei
Episodes: 16
Company: Brains Base
Genre(s): Comedy/Drama
Air Dates: 29 Jun 2005 – 28 Sep 2005

Synopsis: One morning, Hitotsubashi Yurie wakes up to find out that she has become a deity, and with that, her life suddenly opens up to a whole new world as she uses her powers to help people and spirits alike. Although being a goddess does come with its perks, Yurie must still struggle through the basic things that junior high school students deal with, including trying to get Ninomiya Kenji’s attention as she works up the courage to confess her feelings for him.


  • Characters are enjoyable for the most part with Matsuri being the clear winner
  • Comedy usually hits the mark rather well and Matsuri’s schemes are hilarious
  • Spirits make a great addition the setting


  • Yurie’s not that interesting of a character
  • Episodes that journey out of Yurie’s hometown isn’t too compelling

Review: My review on the Nihon Review.

Score: Good


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