Pure -AQUAPLUS Legend of Acoustics- Review

Album Title: Pure -AQUAPLUS Legend of Acoustics-
Anime Title: Utawarerumono, To Heart, White Album, Tears to Tiara
Artist: Elements Garden (Arrangement), Suara
Catalog Number: KICA-1450
Release Type: Arrangement
Release Date: November 28, 2007
Purchase at: CDJapan, Play-Asia

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Announcing a New Upcoming Post Series: Anime Composer Profiles

About a month ago, I had asked you all to come up with a list rank-ordering your favorite anime composers for a few reasons. First of all, I was curious as to how well people know the composers behind some of their favorite anime series and I was delighted to see that we got a wide range of musicians, including a few I’ve never heard of. The second, but more important reason was because I had in mind a plan to do a writeup on anime composers and simply needed a list to put together so I can decide who to start with first.

The responses I got were pretty overwhelming and encompassed over 90 (!!!!!!!) composers (if you can believe that). Speaking as someone who can name maybe half that number, this was a pretty staggering amount and suggests that there may be more anime music fans amongst the fanbase than I’ve seen so far and that most are just kind of dormant. Anyhow, you’ll want to know how things will look over the next 15 months (yes, we do intend to cover 15 anime composers), so check out the list after the jump! [Read more…]

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Death Note Original Soundtrack – Review

Album Title: Death Note Original Soundtrack
Anime Title: Death Note
Artist: Hideki Taniuchi, Yoshihisa Hirano, Nightmare
Catalog Number: VPCG-84851
Release Type: Soundtrack
Release Date: December 21, 2006
Purchase at: CDJapan, Play-Asia

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An Interview with Platina Jazz’s Rasmus Faber

A little over six months ago, I got the chance to listen to and review Platina Jazz Vol. 1, an album consisting of – you guessed it! – jazzed up arrangements of popular anime themes. Listening to it proved to be a pleasant ear-opener, especially given how most anime theme arrangements tend to fall towards electronica or rock, making Platina Jazz a very nice change of pace!

Rasmus Faber is still involved with anime music arrangements, having recently contributed a track to enigmaticLIA4 (doing an arrangement of “My Soul, Your Beats”) as well as finishing up the second volume of Platina Jazz and releasing it last November. We managed to get some time out of his busy schedule to ask him a few questions about Platina Jazz as well as his thoughts on Japanese music, so check out his responses after the jump! [Read more…]

Anime Instrumentality’s Call for New Staff Writers

Anime Instrumentality has come a long way since its nascent days reviewing anime titles as the site slowly made a concerted effort to live up to its title (the music-related meaning of “instrumentality”) by ramping up its coverage of anime music with the goal of becoming a thorough resource for opinions about the music that accompanies the anime we watch, be it openings/endings, background music, the occasional insert song, and even an arrange album or two.

Needless to say, we’ve had a great deal of success on developing that front and our shtick has become relatively well-known. We’re nearing our third year of existence, and managing this site has reached a stable point where I think the time is ripe to expand Anime Instrumentality’s music coverage even further! To that end, I’m putting out a call for new writers to join the current team. [Read more…]

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