Anime Expo 2014 Detox and Quick Thoughts

Anime Expo has this odd way of taking what should have been a manageable schedule and throwing enough wrinkles to make for a packed weekend. And no, I’m not just talking about the huge crowds or the never-ending parade of logistical problems either.

Everything I had going on, both for work and for fun, had me on my feet the entire time. If it wasn’t a press conference or an event that I was interested in covering, then it was simply reaching out to the anitweeps to meet up, say the hi and hellos, and catch up if I’ve met them previously or put a name to a face if I haven’t. And with all the people to see and things to do, Anime Expo was pretty good at keeping me busy and occupied. It’s certainly better than being bored out of my mind, which can be a danger when you account for my narrow interests in certain facets of the anime fandom. [Read more…]

Listening to Anime OSTs Standalone

Anime Girl Violin
The love and joy that countless hours of anime music have brought me were what led to Anime Instrumentality being founded. While the J-popping OP/EDs are enjoyable, it’s been the BGM, especially those that are so rich in energy and emotion that they transcend the context entirely, that continue to endure in my consciousness and enrich my life as I marvel at their beauty.

Kai of Deluscar definitely feels the power that great BGM can deliver unto listeners. Here are his thoughts on how his interest in anime soundtracks has enriched his anime viewing experience and provides a touch of inspiration outside of anime so that he can pursue his passions while overcoming the obstacles that lie in his path.

The Aspect of Listening to OSTs Standalone

Ever listened to some great music tracks in anime? If you did, I’m sure a majority of you would get the anime’s OST albums and listen to them standalone. Chances are, listening to them standalone won’t be much different; they retain the same high-quality music, as though you are listening to them in the anime itself, or it might evoke different feelings and opinions you had toward those very songs. [Read more…]

Anime Expo 2014 – The Pregame Edition

As the July 4th weekend begins to roll around, the rumblings that signal a return into the breach of the North American anime fandom materialize. As usual, I’ll continue to seek out any musical offerings that sate my palate, with varying degrees of success. That said, this year looks more promising than last! Unlike last year, this year’s artists are somewhat relevant to my interests. We don’t have to deal with brand-new idol groups trying to get their footing and instead, get pros who’ve been on the scene long enough to provide serviceable music. There are even a few instrumentalists thrown around for good measure!

So in poring over the schedule, here’s how events are going to shape up on my end over the 4 days of the convention: [Read more…]

Black Bullet ED Single – Tokohana – Review

yanaginagi tokohana Black Bullet

Album Title: Tokohana
Anime Title: Black Bullet
Artist: yanaginagi
Catalog Number: GNCA-0343
Release Type: OP/ED Single
Release Date: June 04, 2014
Purchase at: CDJapan

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Joe Hisaishi’s Piano Stories Best ’88-’08 – Review

Joe Hisaishi Piano Best

Album Title: Piano Stories Best ’88-’08
Anime Title: Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind
Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Porco Rosso
My Neighbor Totoro
Howl’s Moving Castle
Artist: Joe Hisaishi, Masahiro Sayama
Catalog Number: UPCI-1080
Release Type: Arrangement
Release Date: April 16, 2008
Purchase at: CDJapan, iTunes

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