Top 5 Favorite OP/ED Themes – Fall 2008

As the year draws to a close, now’s a good time to bring out my list of OP/EDs that I found to be remarkable for the Fall Season. Yes, I’m aware that it’s probably more fitting to generate a list for the entire year, but if I’d done that, my list would be about as long as this one with pretty similar picks. Furthermore, I think it’d just be better to make this a recurring event after the end of each anime season to make my life easier and spread out the writing over four quarters rather than one big megapost at the end of each year.

With that said, one should keep in mind that I haven’t watched or heard all of the OP/EDs that have come out during the Fall. There’s far too much anime for me to keep track of and I find that it’s really hard to be able to find the time to listen to it all, so there will be a few gems that I’ve missed out on. That’s what the comment box is for: for you guys to bring them to my attention.

Finally, a quick perusal over my list this quarter reveals that all of them are OPs! I’m sure this is no coincidence because OPs generally have a catchy melody since its goal is to make the viewer interested in the show and hold the viewer’s attention long enough to want to watch the introduction before diving into the meaty parts of the show. As such, their tendency to grab at my attention gives them a slight edge over the EDs, few of which really stood out as being all too remarkable. So with that said, let’s take a look at the list:

#1. Clannad ~After Story~ – Toki wo Kizamu no Uta

Youtube Video

Anyone who’s followed my review of this song should pretty much know why this is my number one pick but regardless, I’ll say it again here. This song has an emotional rawness to it that really is heartbreaking, bringing with it a depressing feeling that becomes even more apparent once you understand the lyrics. Lia delivers her best effort since Tori no Uta and her ability to convey the sad feelings is absolutely stellar, making “A Song Engraved in Time” touching and beautiful. It’s not often that a song is able to have such a strong emotional impact upon me, but this song manages to do just that and when combined with the plot to Clannad ~After Story~ makes the song a perfect fit with the series.

#2. Nodame Cantabile ~Paris Chapter~ – Sky High

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