Family-Related Anime Music w/ Penguin Highway & Maaya Sakamoto – AIRS Episode 14

Things got busy. Marriage and work played their roles, but it was a newborn entering our lives that really took for a ride. The task of raising a child isn’t without its trials, but there’s no greater reward than seeing my daughter explore her world and grow. So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I give my thanks, dedicating this episode to my now-10-week-old girl and my wife who’s been a steady rock in a stormy sea, handling the waves of responsibility like a champ. But that’s not the only thing in the 14th episode of Anime Music on the AIRS – we’re also going to showcase a soundtrack from the movie Penguin Highway and feature an artist, in this case, Maaya Sakamoto.

2:19 – Clannad – Tiny Palm – riya
7:04 – Ponyo – Mother Sea – Joe Hisaishi
10:31 – Wolf Children – Lullaby in the Peaceful Light – Masakatsu Takagi
14:29 – Someday’s Dreamers – Where the Sky and Earth Meet – Takefumi Haketa
19:11 – Kurenai – Suiheisen no Mukou Ni – ken muramatsu
21:45 – Hanamaru Kindergarten – Kigurumi Wakusei – Ayahi Takagaki
29:42 – Penguin Highway – The Theme of Penguin Highway – Umitaro Abe
32:36 – Penguin Highway – Dentist Lady – Umitaro Abe
34:38 – Penguin Highway – Summer Vacation – Umitaro Abe
37:19 – Penguin Highway – Stolen Research – Umitaro Abe
40:29 – Penguin Highway – Penguin’s Parade – Umitaro Abe
44:25 – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle – Loop – Maaya Sakamoto
50:24 – Cardcaptor Sakura – Platinum – Maaya Sakamoto
54:36 – Rahxephon – Hemisphere – Maaya Sakamoto
59:43 – And Yet the Town Moves – DOWN TOWN – Maaya Sakamoto
1:03:42 – Amanchu – Million Clouds – Maaya Sakamoto

Enjoy and let us know what you think!


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