Doujin Album: ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku selection vol.2~ – Review

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ANIME HOUSE PROJECT ~Kamikyoku selection vol.2~

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ARM, phoo, Tetsushi, minami, void, Sound CYCLONE, D.watt

A~YA, Rekka Katakiri, Chata, Asana, anporin, Yuko Hirabuki,

Ayumi Nomiya, Witch, Aki Misawa, miko, Ayu

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November 25, 2009

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Track Title Artist Time
1. TOMARE! A~YA, ARM, minami 5:45
2. Cagayake! GIRLS Rekka Katakiri, ARM, minami 6:30
3. you Chata, phoo 5:51
4. Dango Daikazoku Asana, Tetsushi 5:57
5. Do You Remember Love anporin, ARM 5:29
6. Katayoku no Icarus Asana, ARM 5:38
7. Motteke Sailor Fuku! Yuko Hirabuki, minami 5:02
8. Face of Fact Ayumi Nomiya, void 4:48
9. Give a Reason witch, Sound CYCLONE 4:59
10. Tsuki no Mayu Aki Misawa, D.watt 7:07
11. Super Driver miko void, minami 6:37
12. Fuwa Fuwa Time Ayu, ARM 5:40

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Review: I enjoy experimentation and heartily endorse efforts to mix and arrange music just to see how another person’s creativity can breathe new life into a musical work. But the ever present danger is the potential for the effort to backfire, resulting in a travesty.  While that word is too strong of a term in this instance, there are a few tracks in this ANIME HOUSE PROJECT album that are discordant enough to antagonize my eardrums if I listen for too long.

That IOSYS is inconsistent is nothing new. My experience with them comes from their remixes of Touhou music, and each track in any album will vary in quality.  For example, their Touhou Suisuisusu album includes fantastic big band jazz and gothic lolita themes, but those are offset by strange monologues in which the speaker appears to be stuttering or singers who screech horribly. The good generally outweighs the bad, but on the whole, an IOSYS album is like a box of chocolates.  You just never know what you’re gonna get.

Unfortunately, we really must have gotten unlucky with our box since ANIME HOUSE PROJECT vol.2 fails to reach the bar that IOSYS’s previous works have set. The main problem lies in the lack of a truly outstanding, memorable track to compensate for all the terrible ones because the better pieces lack the dynamism and creativity that we have seen from the group in the past.

It doesn’t start off too badly though.  “TOMARE!’s” jazzy flavor mixed with A~YA’s laid-back vocals showcases ARM’s ability to remix the original’s pop rhythms into something new while retaining the original’s energy.  The bass and keyboards that accompany the vocals during the verses and the trumpets that set the tone during the chorus section sculpt out a vibrant atmosphere that makes this arrangement a fun and enjoyable listen.


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But immediately, “TOMARE!’s” creativity is offset by “Cagayake! GIRLS’s” sheer awfulness.  The background beat is about as bearable as being hit repeatedly by a sledgehammer, leaving one to ponder whether ARM was feeling particularly sadistic when he arranged this piece.  Though the vocals themselves aren’t terrible, it’s difficult to fully judge its quality when that pounding beat overshadows anything else in the song that could have been worth mentioning.  I knew this arrangement was doomed when it took me five tries to even get through this song.

Cagayake! GIRLS

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