KOKIA: Pieces – Review

KOKIA - pieces

Album Title: Pieces
Anime Title: Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
Broken Blade
Bungaku Shoujo
Artist: KOKIA, Masumi Itou/Hikaru Nanase
Catalog Number: LACA-15141
Release Type: Album
Release Date: August 24, 2011
Purchase at: CDJapan, Play-Asia

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The Music For Spring 2013′s Anime Season – Thoughts Thus Far

Spring Anime 2013Introduction: The spring season is, once again, upon us, and for a group of anime music fans, that means out with the cold, out with our spell of Western cartoon music (maybe?), and in with warmer weather (in theory) that envelopes us, leaving us with much good cheer. While the last season turned out to be rather lacking, the spring roster sees the return of many big names like Mina Kubota, Hiroyuki Sawano, Akira Senju, and Yasuharu Takanashi doing something that’s not Fairy Tail or PreCure! There’s quite a bit to cover, so let’s get things under way. [Read more…]

Previewing the Music for Winter 2011’s Anime Season

Other people toss up preview posts with the aim of highlighting plot, characters, seiyuu, and art design. Our idiom here is music all the way, so once again, we’ll highlight the soundtrack offerings for this Winter anime season. Naturally, there’s a high chance I’ll only get around to watching three or four shows (one of which will have noitaminA as its timeslot) since that’s all the time I can make these days, but if you wind up taking a look at all of these, you’ll know who to keep an ear out for.

Synopses will join the music commentary this time around for your pleasure. I’ll wind up paraphrasing from the Chart Driver’s hard work and if you want to eschew the music entirely and focus on some of the more traditional factors to choose your shows, you could just hit up the link above. For the rest of you who are curious about the music, see what I’ve got to say after the jump! [Read more…]

Write-in Poll: Who are Your Top 10 Anime Composers?

I’ve been talking on and off about needing a new project to sprinkle in amidst the reviews, and quite a few of you think that it’s about time I delve into the composer side of the equation. After all, these are the people responsible for all the amazing (or bland) melodies that add the extra bit of impact to the scenes they accompany, reveal a character’s inner turmoil, or immerse us within some grand spectacle. So let’s cut to the chase: who are your ten favorite anime composers?

A few ground rules: when I say anime composers, any composer who’s written any music for anime (including OPs/EDs/insert songs) qualifies. That was easy, wasn’t it? Basically, the only vocalists that are permissible for this are those who actually compose music. Obviously the extent to which you enjoy their music is important and will probably be the primary criterion by which you assemble your list. You can also consider other things like their quantity of work they’ve done. But when you put together your list, do rank order them from most favorite to tenth favorite. Nothing more needs to be done, but you are welcome to add comments about why you chose X person.

Lastly, do try to come up with ten. I specifically stress the word try, because it’s perfectly OK if you aren’t able to come up with that many. If you’re stuck, it does help to look through some of your favorite shows and see who composed their music, but if all else fails, just list one, or two, or five. That’s totally fine. This is mostly to satisfy my brimming curiosity anyhow. Yes, I will use the results for an upcoming article series that focuses upon composers and not to attempt at an objective measurement of who exactly are the ten best anime composers out there. Do fill this out by December 31, 2010. I’ll be scattering reminders every so often!

For what it’s worth, it’d be terrible of me if I didn’t include my own Top 10 list, so here goes: [Read more…]

Anime Piece of the Week: #3 – Lost


Voting Thread

Two back to back Piece of the Week posts due to a fairly busy week. At least that’s my excuse anyhow.

The pieces this week give off a different vibe that isn’t quite in-your-face or emotionally charged, making it really hard to evaluate them properly and dispense with the points. Most of the pieces did a good job of adhering to the theme though because of the theme, most of the tracks are fairly melancholy or downright despondent. While I had been hoping for more of the adventurous kind of lost-ness, the despairing mood largely prevailed, resulting in the following tracks nominated: [Read more…]

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